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One of our primary objectives is to create a learning organization where changes and ideas are cultivated, cherished and respected.We nudge the unthinkable to bear fruits

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Diverse Skills

A unique blend of diverse people, domain expertise and technical acumen help us address the clients' requirements effectively.

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Happy Clients

Delivering services within budget, timelines and high quality makes the client happy. A satisfied client acts as our brand ambassador & generates more business opportunities for us.

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Value for Money

We value our clients' money through high return on investments by providing high quality services, transparency and effective communications.

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When software CEOs get together for dinner, they don’t ask each other what music recording they’d want to take with them to a desert island, they ask each other what software partner they’d want to take. More and more often, that answer is Survah.… Read more

T. Mack Brown, CEO,

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